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Seduced and abandoned by their Sires, the Caitiff are everywhere on the fringes of Cainite society. Clanless and unwanted, the Caitiff are the results of one-night stands, infatuations, frenzied Embraces and outright msitakes. Most have hazy recollections, at best, of Sire and Embrace; some have none whatsoever. Stumbling into the haze of a new existence, each eventually discovered the keys to survival - usually in the form of other Caitiff looking out for a newcomer - or died trying.


Disciplines: Variable

Clan Advantage: None

Clan Disadvantage: No Caitiff may start the game with more than one Status Trait. Caitiff may start with a Generation no lower than 9th.

Inactive Caitiff PCs


Player: Bo

Appearance: John Tisch was a good-looking college boy with the charm of an actor.

Nature: Judge

Demeanor: Frat Boy

In Play: 2004 - 2005

Theme Song(s): The Ark - One of Us is Gonna Die Young (with Sarah Capone)

As a PC: John Tisch was remembered for a span as having one of the more memorable introductions to New York vampiric society. The young NYU theater major was apparently Embraced in a rather intoxicated state during a college party, and then directed to Elysium (then taking place on the Chapel Perilous houseboat). He arrived at his destination and proceeded to indecorously vomit his internal organs upon the deck.

This was apparently a prank. The Camarilla, however, was not amused.

Tisch was eventually informed of his situation and placed under the tutelage of William Lansing. The next several months were confusing for the young neonate, who had to rapidly familiarize himself with an increasingly unforgiving Kindred society. He eventually found sympathy, however, in a young Brujah named Sarah Capone, with whom he rapidly slipped into a deep and torrid love affair.

Tisch's origin's eventually caught up with him, when his Sire (an Anarch Ventrue) found him, and he was faced with serious decision in Sect loyalty. He eventually made the decision to defect, and Capone proved willing to join him. Before they could fully detach themselves from the Camarilla, however, tragedy struck, as both of them we're captured and diablerized at the hands of the New York Sabbat.


Player: Jacob

Appearance: Lansing was man who appeared to have been Embraced in his forties. Having aged gracefully as a mortal, the attactive Cainite presented himself with the clean-cut air of buisinessman.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Visionary

Sire: Sara Madison

Birthdate: February 16th, 1945 (Aquarius)

In Play: 2004 - 2006

Theme Song(s): The Beatles - Yesterday; Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah; NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: DECADE (ARIANNE) - Komm, Susser Tod (Come Sweet Death)

Background: William Lansing came into the world in the shadow of the Second World War. With his father serving in Europe and his mother dying in childbirth, young Willam was raised largely by his grandparents in Los Angeles, until such a time as his father returned and he was sent to a prestigious Bostonian boarding academy.

Despite growing up in an age of social upheaval and societal change, Lansing's conservative upbringing left him with a largely immutable wordview for a youth of the 60s. He eventually returned to the West Coast to study economics at Stanford, where her met and married a young woman named Helen Rice. They had a daughter, Marianne, and a son, William III, during the years that William Jr. spent earning his masters at Harvard, and eventually settled in Los Angeles after Lansing matriculated and landed a job at a major financial firm.

Highly successful in the world of finance, Lansing eventually rose to be the vice president of the company, leading them into the economic boom of the 1980s. His skill eventually attracted the attentions of Seattle Caitiff, Sara Madison, who Embraced the family man in the hopes of using his finesse to undermine her political rival, a Ventrue known as Von Garrit. Binding her progeny to her through the blood oath, Madison managed to engineer Von Garrit's financial ruin through Lansing, and finagled her way into a position of Primogenship despite the thinness of her blood.

Von Garrit, however, was not to suffer such humiliation at the hands of the Clanless without revenge. Selecting Lansing as the target of his rage, the spiteful Ventrue came to the neonate's home one night and Dominated William to kneel. Before his eyes, Von Garrit slit his wife's throat, and thereafter proceeded to murder and Embrace his son and to take his daughter as a ghoul.

Emotionally shattered, Lansing was left with nobody to rely on save for the calculating woman who had enthralled him. Staying in Seattle as he strove to come to terms with his loss, he served as her Whip on the Council for several years, gaining some notoriety in the Camarilla for his attempts to organize Caitiff into effective members of Camarilla society.

As a PC: Upon arriving in New York, Lansing quickly established himself as a loyal and capable Camarilla member and Prince Evans entrusted him with the position of Keeper of Elysium, making use of the man's vast financial resources to help secure a floor of the AOL/Time Warner building as the city's primary Elysium. Several months later, Lansing was appointed as an Advocate to the Primogen Council for the Unrepresented, a position which the ambitious young Kindred would eventually use to attain a Primogenship similar to that of his Sire - despite the protests of many of the more conservative members of the court.

Despite his rapid political success in the city, Lansing still remained haunted by the destruction of his family and tormented by his bond to Sara. Finding an unlikely confidant in the coldly beautiful Lillian Greer, the Caitiff befriended the oft maligned Malkavian Sheriff - sympathizing with her struggles as she attempted to come to terms with her blood bonds to both the Prince and to her deputy, Bojan Petrov. Learning through Greer of Evans' frailties -including the truth of his insanity- Lansing eventually came to doubt the Prince's ability to reign. One ill-fated night, Lansing made a proposition that Evans should be deposed, with the Brujah, Darren West installed in his place, and shortly after confessed his love to the conflicted Lillian.

Greer, who had long secretly plotted to destroy Evans herself, imparted that she had located and revived the lost Prince Svetlana Karamazova, whom she believed had evidence which could challenge Evans' rule. Together agreeing to slay the Prince and install either West or Karamazova in his place, the two parted, with Lansing hopeful of the nights to come.

Greer, however, eventually succumbed to some strange mix of her warped affections for Evans and her own madness - which bade her destroy all who drew too close to her. Setting out to undo the very coup she had engineered, the sociopathic woman murdered Svetlana a few nights later, and presented her head -preserved in a jar of blood- to Evans on the eve of the next court, revealing Lansing's treasonous intent. Although Lansing attempted to divert the ensuing bloodhunt for him by declaring praxis in absentia on West's behalf, this gesture only served to culminate in West's own near death and exile from the city when he returned to claim the throne. Lansing, himself, however, ultimately escaped the Lex Talionis, fleeing to the Thrice-Plowed Courts of New Jersey which were ruled over by the enigmatic Kuei-Jin.

As an NPC: The mandarins of Jersey City eventually met with Evans and agreed to never allow Lansing to return to the Domain of New York. Realizing the weight of Lillian's betrayal and how her manipulations mirrored those of his Sire, the embittered man cut all ties with Kindred society and eventually came to work in the distant Kuei-Jin occupied regions of East Asia, using the language skills he'd developed in his mortal dealings with the Japanese businessmen to carve a small niche of respect for himself above the vast masses of disenfranchised Kin-Jin.


  • The night he was bloodhunted and exiled, William Lansing received a mysterious video cassette tape which was delivered to his office. He only got to watch it after his flight from New York, whereupon he found it contained footage of his daughter, Marianne, being repeatedly beaten as she was forced to drink Von Garrit's blood.
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Clan description from the Players Guide to the Camarilla.


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