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During the Anarch Revolt, many young Brujah readily took up cause. Several Clan elders denounced the Anarchs after a brief dalliance with the revolutionary ideology. The Brujah Anarchs saw this as another of the elders' betrayals and treacheries against the young childer of Caine and now nurse an eternal grudge against those elders who joined the Camarilla. Most Sabbat Brujah are very supportive of their Sect, unlike the fractious and indolent Brujah of the Camarilla. Not only do they support the sect with enthusiasm, they have an active vision that Sabbat ideology (or propaganda, as their rivals suggest) serves to unify.


Disciplines: Celerity, Potence, Presence

Clan Advantage: Two free dots of any combination of the Academics, Brawl, Streetwise or Politics abilities.

Clan Disadvantage: Prone to violence. One Trait penalties on all Self-Control/Instinct tests.

Inactive Brujah Antitribu PCs


Player: Danya

Appearance: 189 was Embraced as a teenager, and retained her youthful appearance as a Cainite. Extremely pale due to the lapse of her Humanity, the neonate bore a distinctive unibrow and permenant, pointed fangs. On her left arm was a tattoo of a black dagger, an initiation mark from her days on the streets.

Nature: Conformist

Demeanor: Deviant

Sire: Red

Birthdate: 1964

In Play: 2003 - 2004

Background: 189's mother was a poor woman who had managed to marry into wealth, but whose husband had disappeared mysteriously during a business trip to London. After long giving up hope for his return, she pursued a romantic relationship with another man (quite possibly her local pastor) which resulted in her pregnancy with 189 - only to have her spouse reappear after three years absence and divorce her on grounds of adultery. Now faced with an illegitimate daughter and little means of support, she took a job at an inner city factory to make ends meet, leaving her white daughter to grow up in an impoverished and mostly African American neighborhood where she often felt ostracized and alone. Eager to gain acceptance, the child grew into a young delinquent -turning to gang life and drugs- although she also found solace in basketball and weight-lifting, hoping to make herself physically stronger than those who would bully her.

Eventually, the girl (who now called herself by her social security number rather than by her birth name) fell in with a gang called the Black Daggers, led by an imposing man known only as "Red." In 1983, she was Embraced by her gang leader at the age of nineteen, and traveled in his company for many years after that, even after most of the original Daggers were slain in a street fight that turned south.


  • 189's backstory was a modernized twist on Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, and the character would consistently wear a shirt with a red anarch's "A" as a nod to this reference.


A.K.A.: The Street Devil

Player: Tim

Appearance: Bran Cahir was an exceptionally large man with a quiet, albeit intimidating demeanor. His skin was icy to the touch, making it hard for him to interact to any extent with mortals, given his lack of sight.

Nature: Survivor

Demeanor: Eye of the Storm

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Background: Bran was born in New York long enough ago that he didn't want to talk about it, but recently enough that he could function in the modern world. He was Embraced by a Brujah antitribu in his mid-twenties, at which time he had already lost the use of his eyes. He existed in New York as a Sabbat for some time, and would answer the call when the Sword of Caine announced its need for Cainites to take the Domain of Atlanta, only to have New York fall to the Camarilla in his absence.

As a PC: Bran Cahir would return to New York in 2006, joining with Layla Reese's small pack of Sabbat. A quiet man who preferred action to strategy, Bran would go on to commit numerous murders amongst the homeless population of the city, flaunting the Masquerade and earning himself a reputation amongst indigents as the mysterious "Street Devil." Eventually, however, the sheer number of his slayings attracted the attention of the NYPD who would work with small communities of fearful and enraged homeless men to bring the blind Cainite to justice. Finding himself surrounded by police one evening, the slow-witted Brujah would inexplicably stake himself in a bid to escape destruction - only to find himself meeting the harsh rays of the sun when he was later examined at the Manhattan coroner's office.


  • Bran's targeting of New York's homeless would elicit a response from Nosferatu Ash Gently, who would instruct his various contacts on the street as to how to defend themselves with sharpened pieces of wood.


Player: Tom

Appearance: An wild-eyed, youthful looking man, Impulse exuded an intense, fiery charisma - always coming across as though on the verge of action.

Nature: Competitor

Demeanor: Daredevil

In Play: 2006 - 2007

Background: Born Johnathan Fitzgerald, little is known about Impulse's mortal past, save that he made his living as a stuntman.

As a PC: A thrill-seeker on the Path of Caine, Impulse would serve for a time as the Priest to the Pack led by Ventrue antitribu Layla Reese, offering up intense ritae that tested the minds and mettle of those under his stewardship. A crack driver with a motorcycle and a flair for theatrics, the bold neonate would feature in several of the more memorable actions undertaken from the New York Sabbat, contributing to such fiascos as the 2006 murder of Spike Lee and the kidnapping and slaughter of several suburban families - which earned him considerable emnity from the Camarilla.


A.K.A.: Zachery "Joven" Verditus

Player: Mark

Appearance: Joven/Sariel was a distinguished, scholarly seeming man with an elegant demeanor.

Nature: Architect

Demeanor: Pedagogue

Sire: Hecate

In Play: 2003 - 2004


Brujah Antitribu NPCs


Player: Tim

Appearance: Angel was a hulking, 6'4" tower of a man, with a multitude of tattoos and an intimidating build. Nevertheless, the streetwise fighter never managed to come across as dangerous when spoken to,being perpetually of a gentle - almost sweet- expression.

Nature: Caregiver

Demeanor: Bravo

Sire: Unknown (Shovelhead)

In Play: 2007-2009


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Clan description from Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide.


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